Thursday, May 18, 2017

May 18

Lost and Found
When you have a moment, please sort through the Lost & Found items and take what belongs to your child(ren). 
At end of day Monday, May 29th, all items except for uniform pieces will be donated to a local charity.

SJA Spelling Bee Finalists - Heading to The Maples Academy on Thursday, June 1st

Grade 1-6

Grade 1
1. Nathan

2. Lexi

Arts Night -

- Please allow time to practice at home!
- Our outfit for that night is a plain black t-shirt, jeans, a backwards baseball cap and running shoes!

Calendar- the special helpers put up the date, counts down to 100 days of school, and tells us what the weather is like today.

UOI with language focus- today we completed our Spelling test! It is our last week of new words. Next week is our review week and then we have completed the book!!!!!

Music - 

Agenda - 
  • Practice arts night  
  • Spelling sentences due back Tuesday. 
  • No school Friday or Monday
  • Math test next Wednesday - review sent home does not need to be completed until Tuesday
  • Toronto Zoo permission and payment 
  • Creature Quest permission and payment 
  • Spelling review paps 145-148
  • The lunch ordering system is now open for June. Please ensure you place your order no later than Friday, May 19 at 4:00 PMLunch payment is due by May 23rd 4:00 PM or unfortunately your lunch order will be cancelled for the month of June. Please keep in mind that there are no reimbursements for field trips or absences. You can go online at

Math- today we completed work on sorting figures based on a sorting rule of our choice. 

UOI - we picked our art uoi pieces for our IB binders 
1. My best work
2. Something I worked my hardest on
3. Something I need to improve on
4. A way I showed a learner profile

Then we worked in our table groups to sort pictures of animals into the habitat we thought they belonged in. 

We had a little Dance Party before French!

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