Monday, May 29, 2017

May 26th

Congratulations to all friends who went to the Maples today we are very proud of you!

ZOO PAYMENT - due Monday.
*** If the Zoo is still on strike the money will be reimbursed

please keep practicing for arts night. We seem to forget the moves half way through the song!
Arts Night -

After Care payments are overdue! Pay as you go forms were sent home tomorrow for June!

Our Lost and Found bins are over flowing! When you have a moment, please sort through the Lost & Found items and take what belongs to your child(ren). At end of day Monday, May 29th, items except for uniform pieces, will be donated to a local charity.

SJA Spelling Bee Finalists - Heading to The Maples Academy on Thursday, June 1st

Grade 1-6

Grade 1
1. Nathan
2. Lexi

Calendar- the special helpers put up the date, counts down to 100 days of school, and tells us what the weather is like today.

UOI with language focus- we had our last spelling test of the year whoooooo hooo!!!!

Music - 

Agenda - 
  • Practice arts night  
  • Reading homework
  • Spelling test tomorrow 
  • Toronto Zoo permission and payment due Monday
  • Math Homework

Math- today we continued working on our new unit 

UOI - we completed a sort of animals based on their body coverings. We talked about why body coverings are important for them. We also then looked at the life cycle of a butterfly, chicken and frog. 


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