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I am excited to welcome you to my Grade One class at St. Jude’s Academy! Students will be taught academics by myself (Brittany Smith) French by Jessica Hou, gym by Melanie Jans and music by Oliver Manning. I aspire to generate excitement about literacy and education in my students by providing them with a learning environment that is equitable, challenging, and yet fun. This will be my sixth-year teaching at SJA and I am very eager for the school year to begin. Below is some important information about the first couple weeks of school: 

SJA Student Policy 
·      Attached to this email you will find the SJA Student Policy Handbook. Please read it, sign the last page and bring it to me, so I can add to your child’s file. This page is due in the agenda by Friday, September 15th.

Orientation Night 
·      Parent – Teacher Orientation Night is on Aug. 28th at 5pm. It is very important that at least one of the parents participate, also you can collect your key fob to enter the school. A $40 deposit is required for new fobs. 

Kiss and Ride and Dismissal 
·      Please note that afternoon Kiss and Ride has been cancelled. The new dismissal procedures can be found in the SJA Parent and Student Handbook attached to this email. The new procedures will also be explained at the orientation evening next week.

·      Daily early dismissal procedures have been cancelled. Parents will still be able to pick up their child/ren for appointments. Please notify you child’s teacher as these events occur.

First Day of School 
·      On the first day of school, I strongly encourage parents to make the drop off as quickly as possible. I know, it is hard, but it is the most effective way for your child to get into the school routine. =)
Hot Lunch Program 
·      Please know that the website closes off end of day Aug 31st and is unable to reopen for September ordering.
·      Lunch payments are due to the homeroom teacher or reception no later than September 8th, 2017.

Below are the instructions for returning families:
*if you have a sibling joining SJA this year please keep in mind you can only use one email per child. 

Step 1 Logon to website - if you forgot your password or email used please contact

Step 2 Across the top menu bar you will see several options, please scroll over MY ACCOUNT, Change grade and teacher to reflect new year. Select SAVE

Step 3 Across the top menu bar you will see several options, please scroll over MANAGE LUNCH, a drop-down menu will appear, select ADD NEW LUNCH FORM.
*Don’t forget to select payment method BEFORE ordering 

Below are the instructions for new families:

**If you have more than one child you will need to use different email addresses for each child. Only one child can be registered and ordered for under a single email address. 

Step 1 Go to website

·      Select register an account 
·      Select grade 
·      Select class 
·      Select teacher 
·      Enter in student information
·      Accept terms and conditions and select Register

Repeat for additional students. 

Step 2 Across the top menu bar you will see several options, please scroll over MANAGE LUNCH, a drop-down menu will appear, select ADD NEW LUNCH FORM.
*Don’t forget to select payment method BEFORE ordering

·      Please know that both grade one classes receive the same amount of homework as listed below.
·      Students will receive homework throughout the week. On Mondays students will bring home their words of the week (located in the agenda) students will be required to write each word in a sentence (10 sentences in total) which will be due back to school on Thursdays. Students will receive reading folders on Fridays to complete over the weekend. Students are expected to read for 15 minutes each night. Students may periodically bring home incomplete work from the day to finish that night. 
·      If you would like to request work packages to continue skills at home I can gladly accommodate that!

·      Your child will receive an agenda on his/her first day of school. Please read and sign your child’s agenda every day, as important dates, announcements and homework will be included and updated each week. Students need to bring their agendas back and forth to school each day. This is another way of communicating with me. 

Upcoming Events
Aug. 28th - Orientation Night 5-7pm
Sept. 6th - First Day of School 
Sept. 8th - Spirit Day - Dress in your house colours!
Sept. 16th - Fall Fiesta 
Sept. 27th - Terry Fox run 
Sept. 28th - Casual Day
·      Students are to come to school on Wednesday, September 6th in their gym uniform. Required gym uniform days are Monday and Wednesday ONLY. After a holiday Monday students will return on the Tuesday in their dress uniform. 
·      Students are to come to school in their full-dress uniform Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Please ensure that all uniform items are to be labelled with your child’s name. 
·      Please make sure your child has a pair of black dress shoes and a pair of gym shoes labeled and to be left at the school for their indoor shoes this year. Gym and dress shoes cannot be worn outside. 
·      Please, to avoid any discomfort in case of washroom accidents, send in your child’s backpack an extra change of clothes in a plastic bag. The bag will remain in your child’s backpack and it will be used only when needed. 

Welcome BBQ 
“SJA Back to School Kick Off” BBQ. This is a great opportunity to meet other families, socialize, and have fun!
When: September 16th from 11am-3pm.  
Where: St. Jude’s Academy
Price: $30 (includes all-inclusive food, drink, games, cupcakes and more)
·      Please visit the class blog daily, as it is a way to stay connected, see what we did during the day, or to find important dates and homework. On the right-side bar of the blog, you will see a tab, “FOLLOW BY EMAIL”, where you are able to enter your email address. In doing this, you will receive an email of my blog every time I am to post and will not miss out on any important information. Please click this link to visit my blog:
Special Helper 
·      Each day a different child will be the Special Helper of the day. The Special Helper will be the line leader, help lead the calendar routine and is in charge of any special errands for the teacher. 
Food Allergies 
·      Please be advised that St. Jude's is a nut free facility. When purchasing items for your child's lunch, please read the packages carefully. If the label says, "may contain nuts", please refrain from sending that item. Look for products with the nut-free label. 
Contact Information 
·      Please email me letting me know how you would prefer to speak at the end of each our Unit of Inquiry. I will be in contact with you 6 times of the year on top of our 2 student lead conferences. In this email, I would like to know if you would like an update on your child by email, phone or in person. 
·      I believe that open lines of communication between the parent, students and teachers are the key to promoting an educational climate that is conductive to learning. Please feel free to contact me at any time if there is a question or situation you would like to discuss 

I look forward to meeting you and having a wonderful school year!

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