Friday, September 29, 2017

Day 18

Hello everyone, We have a very busy week ahead and a lot to remember to do and bring ! 

1. International day is fast approaching. I will be providing the food for the day but I am asking for $2 donations to help pay for some of the cost of food. - students are assigned homework to learn about Barbados 🇧🇧. They will be asked to do a small write up about their assigned part and bring in 1-2 small colour pictures (Internet) to accompany it. 
Barbados Homework (Due by Monday) 
Please write 1-3 sentences and bring a small picture. We will have a display board to put all of our written information and pictures on.

Flag – Keshav, picture (can make own or print off) and a write up telling us about the meaning of the colours and picture. 

Cou Cou & Flying Fish – Adi (picture) and small write up describing it 

Macaroni Pie – Jasper (picture) and small write up describing it

Pudding & Souse – Nafeezah/Zarafsha

 (picture) and small write up describing it


Bridgetown – Sofie (picture) and a small write up telling us about Bridgetown

Festival of crop over/carnival – Kayla and Yoana (picture) and a small write up telling us about the traditions

National sport – Srikaran (picture) and a small write up telling us about cricket 

Language – Gurbani a small write up telling us about the language(s) spoken 

Map – Sami a picture of Barbados or the world map a write up telling us where it is located in the world

Clothing – Saraya (a few small pictures showing us traditional dress) and a small write up describing how they dress 

Weather – Adeline – a picture and small write up to discuss current weather or weather through seasons 

3. Students are asked to bring in a photo of a special relationship in their lives. We ask that they do a small presentation to the class telling us who the person is and why they are so special to them. (Friday) 

    We started by writing our agenda note
    • lunch payments due next week 
    • Raz Kids 15 minutes 
    • reading homework 
    • math homework
    Next we had French with Mlle. Jessica, you can check out her blog at

    Today students worked on writing the cursive letter r and cursive words with that letter. 

    Check out Mr. Oliver's blog:

    today students practiced concepts involving estimation. Students were asked to look at a candy jar and estimate how many candies were in the jar. The student with the closest guess won the candies! Great Job to Keshav who guessed 30 gummies and there were 29! 

    We also worked on addition and subtraction sentences using pictures and equations. 
    Inquiry into Language

    Today students continued to learn the rules for writing a journal. 
    Date, Introduction sentence, body (First, Then, Next, Lastly), Closing Sentence 
    Unit of Inquiry - 
    Today we presented our pictures of someone who is important to us. We told who that person is and why they are important. 

    We ended our day by having gym class with Ms. Jans, you can check out her blog at

    Happy Birthday Shanmuhk! 

    ***A note from Shanmuhk's parents: if you have not rsvp'd to the party you can still come without one =)

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