Thursday, September 14, 2017

Day 7

Spelling test tomorrow and spelling sentences due

1. tub
2. bus
3. bat
4. see
5. sit
6. us
7. that
8. this
9. job
10. sat

We started by writing our agenda note
  • Spelling sentences due
  • snuggle up and read program going home tomorrow
  • Spelling test tomorrow
  • collecting toonies for Terry Fox
Next we had French with Mlle. Jessica, you can check out her blog at

Today students finished their cursive h learning and moved on to learn how to do a cursive t

Math Journal 
students reviewed attributes and creating patterns with 2 or more attributes

Math: today students discussed our math unit on patterning. We reviewed what a pattern is, what makes up a pattern, and gave some examples. Students then reviewed the 5 attributes for patterning and sorting. 
1. Colour
2. Shape 
3. Size
4. Direction
5. Numbers/letters 

In our math books we completed a page on creating a pattern with a set number of objectsand labelling it
Inquiry into Language

Today students completed work on telling sentences. We reviewed what is need in a sentence
periods/question marks

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