Monday, September 18, 2017

Day 9

Each Friday there will be a spelling test for the words of the week. Students will bring the words home every Monday in their agenda. On Mondays students will bring home their spelling words journal. In this journal they will be required to write each of their spelling words in a sentence. The journal will be due back on Fridays. 

1. pin
2. map
3. hot
4. hook
5. hop
6. stop
7. put
8. him
9. man
10. month

This morning we had a very special presentation from the War Amps. We learned about amputees and  prostheses. We also learned about CHAMP. Champ serves children in Canada (under 18) who are born missing a limb or have lost a limb due to an accident or medical causes. 

We started by writing our agenda note
  • Spelling sentences
  • please sign and return spelling test
  • Toonies for Terry 
  • Math test Friday
Next we had French with Mlle. Jessica, you can check out her blog at

Today students finished their cursive e learning and moved on to learn how to do a cursive L

Math: today students discussed our math unit on patterning. We reviewed what a pattern is, what makes up a pattern, and gave some examples. Students then reviewed the 5 attributes for patterning and sorting. 
1. Colour
2. Shape 
3. Size
4. Direction
5. Numbers/letters 

Students are beginning their review for our upcoming test on Friday. Today we reviewed creating a pattern when given a set number of objects. We also labelled that pattern and circled the patter core. 

Inquiry into Language

Today we completed our spelling workbooks for our words of the week. I understand that these words may seem easy or be a repeat from SK but our grade one expectations are different in regards to spelling words. Students not only must know how to spell them but know their meaning and how to use them in a sentence. So while easier to memorize it is hard for them to use.

Inquiry into relationships, rules and responsibilities
Students brainstormed things they are responsible for in school. They then picked one and wrote it in their journal with a picture to accompany.

We ended our day by have gym class with Ms. Jans, you can check out her blog at

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