Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween

A message from our Librarian Ms. Hayward

We started our morning with assembly where Elsa judged winning costumes out of the WHOLE school! Congrats to Sammy for winning 5,000 house points for ZETA GO ZETA !!!

This week is review week for spelling. 

For sentences I ask that students pick 5 words (any we have learned) and write 5 detailed sentences. 
Example adding in an adjective or two or and a verb. 

Example; I saw the sun. 
Detailed: I saw the hot and yellow sun shinning.

We started by writing our agenda note

  • Raz Kids 15 minutes
  • Spelling sentences 5 detailed sentences 
  • adjective homework due Friday
Next we had French with Mlle. Jessica, you can check out her blog at

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