Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Day 43

Dear SJA Families,

Kindness Day is celebrated nationwide annually, on the 13th of November.  It is a day to celebrate and promote kindness in all its forms. World Kindness Day falls on the same day and unites people in kindness globally.
On November 13th, St. Jude's Academy is celebrating World Kindness Day by encouraging all students to share  kind words to each other and unite as a whole school with their neighbours at Oakwood.  By bringing in $2, students can participate in a special World Kindness Day event by writing a kind message or quote on a leaf and then post it on our World Kindness Tree for all to see.   In addition to sharing their kind words, they will be supporting their neighbours at Oakwood and also be allowed to dress casually.

As part of a united world school, IB learners strive to be kind everyday. This year, we are looking forward to emphasizing and celebrating acts of kindness on Monday, November 13th and we hope everyone is able to participate in our World Kindness Day events!

We started by writing our agenda note

  • Raz Kids 15 minutes - new passwords were sent in the agendas due to an issue
  • No school Friday
  • Spelling sentences - one sentence for every word - due Thursday, Spelling test Thursday
1. hat
2. man
3. has
4. lamp
5. and
6. hand 
7. our
8. hour
9. half
10. past

Next we had French with Mlle. Jessica, you can check out her blog at

Novel Study 
Chapter 5 - Jack suddenly starts rushing Annie to go into the tree house. Both Jack and Annie run to the rope ladder and climb all the way up. They peek out the window and see some special features about the dinosaur. The dinosaur had three horns and had a shield-like thing on his head. “It’s a Triceratops!!!"Jack says. Annie wanted to find out if it ate people so Jack looked in the dinosaur book and found out that the dinosaur was a herbivore. Suddenly Annie starts climbing down the rope ladder towards the Triceratops! Annie then lays flat in front of the Triceratops for no reason. Cautiously Jack climbed down the rope ladder and walked towards the Triceratops then started taking notes. The Triceratops looked lazily at Jack and Annie then walked away. Annie then said, “Let’s follow it." and walked behind the Triceratops. Jack was about to follow it when he saw something shining in the grass. He picked it up and saw the letter M engraved on a medallion. "Uh-oh." He thought. "Someone has been here before us.

We  have begun our new unit on time, temperature and money. We began by reviewing what a minute is.
Students reviewed when the minute hand (big hand) is pointing to the 12 that means O'clock or ___:00.
Students then learned that when the minute hand (big hand) is pointing to the 6 that means half past or ___:30.

Students worked on reading a analog clock and writing time in digital form as well as reading digital time and placing it on a analogue clock.

Inquiry into Language
Today we worked on writing a proper journal. With the date, introduction sentence, first, then, next, and lastly.
Unit of Inquiry -
Students were put into pairs and chose a dinosaur to research. They were given a fact card for their dinosaur. They had to look for the dinosaur's time period, diet and 3 facts. Students recorded this information together on a log sheet. Students drew a picture of their dinosaur to accompany their research. Tomorrow students will present their findings to the class.

We ended our day by having gym class with Ms. Jans, you can check out her blog at

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