Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Day 48

Unit 2 Summative Expectations- Dinosaur Presentations

 Students will be assigned a dinosaur of any of the three learned periods. Students will use two days of class time to find information about their assigned dinosaur. They will be using a dinosaur report sheet to help determine what they will need to know. Here is a site that has every dinosaur assigned and has 10 facts about each dinosaur.

 Students will have from November 16th to 17th to find out as much information as possible about their dinosaur. Students will use their dinosaur report sheet as a guide to help them create either a poster, recording, video, or a book, about their dinosaur to present to the class. This will be brought home and completed over the weekend, we ask that you please return the project to school on Monday, November. 20th.

Please keep in mind that these projects should be mostly student created and marks will be deducted for those that are not. Students are encouraged to memorize their presentation to the class. Students will have Monday to practice their presentations and be ready to present on Tuesday, November.21st, 2017.   

 If you have any questions feel free to contact us anytime.

 Best Regards, Mr. Foster and Ms. Smith

We started by writing our agenda note

Raz Kids 15 minutes - new passwords were sent in the agendas due to an issue
Picture Re-take Friday- please make a note in the agenda should you require
Spelling sentences - one sentence for every word - due Friday, Spelling test Friday

Lunch ordering site open - do not order for Dec.15th 2017

Next we had French with Mlle. Jessica, you can check out her blog at

students worked on cursive sentences today

Check out Mr. Oliver's blog:


We  have begun our new unit on time, temperature and money. We began today by looking at the different coins, discussing their names and worth. Students then completed matching activities for these things.

Inquiry into Language

Today we began by learning how to brainstorm. Students drew a brainstorm bubble and then gave four detailed ideas in relation to you woke up yesterday morning in the Cretaceous period! Tomorrow students will learn how to take their brainstorm and transfer it to a journal.  

Novel Study
Dinosaurs before dark - Chapter 7
Chapter 7. Ready, Set, Go!Edit
Jack and Annie sprinted towards the tree house. They got ahold of the ladder and started climbing up. They burst through the tree house exhausted. "I wish we could go home!" Jack screamed. Nothing happened. Annie reminded him that he was pointing at a picture when he wished them here. That's when Jack remembered that he left his pack on the hill. He climbed down the rope ladder and ran to his pack. "Ready, Set, Go!" thought Jack and he dived for his pack. He didn't see the T. Rex any more so he charged up the hill top and saw a horrific sight. Between him and the tree house was the T. Rex.

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