Monday, December 4, 2017

Day 61

Check Out The Library Blog at to keep up to date with Library news and check out pictures by our Book Fair Student Crew Photojournalists of all the great work they've been doing to make our first Book Fair an exciting event.  Thanks for your support.

SJA is excited to announce that Year Ahead Day is happening again this year!  All SJA PYP students will be participating in this exciting event on TuesdayDecember 5th.   Year Ahead Day is a fun and interactive day for the students at SJA to spend a day in the class of the grade level ahead of them (example: SK students spend their day as Grade 1 students, Grade 6 students spend their day as Grade 7 students, etc.).  This is a great way for the students at SJA to get a glimpse into their future life at SJA!  Students can get to know the teachers, see their future classroom, and take part in activities they will be participating in next year.

We started by writing our agenda note

  • Raz Kids 15 minutes - new passwords were sent in the agendas due to an issue
  • Spelling sentences - one sentence for every word - due Friday, Spelling test Friday - 5 detailed 5 regular sentences 
  • Practice Christmas concert 
  • year ahead day tomorrow
  • Bring $2 for Friday to dress like a cowboy/cowgirl
  • trip permission and payment 
Next we had French with Mlle. Jessica, you can check out her blog at

Today we spent A LOT of time in dress rehearsal practice for the Christmas concert. The night of the Christmas concert our students are asked to dress in their 'Christmas Best' outfits.

We began our new numeracy unit. Students worked on counting and grouping objects and then putting them into addition and subtraction sentences. 


Today we worked on our Spelling workbooks 

Unit Of Inquiry 
Students were told they need to organize the shelves of a fridge. They had to decide what each shelf would hold 
ex. fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy 
They then used flyers to cut out pictures and place items on their shelves. 

Organization Presentations 

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