Friday, March 2, 2018

March 1st and 2nd

St. Jude's FC, the official soccer academy affiliated with St. Jude's Academy is taking applicants for its inaugural season. Ou coaches are eager to prove that we have the best program in the area. 
By joining the Club you are becoming part of the team. Club members have the opportunity to play games against the other Ontario Academy teams for the spring/summer outdoor season on the weekend. Club members and SJA students alike enjoy the top notch training from our professional coaches, but Club members get additional coaching. 
SJA students receive a 33% discount benefit (because we already know SJA students are awesome!)
Club members get a complete uniform (you provide cleats and shin guards) 
Please turn in completed forms (WITH SMITH written at the top) to Dawn Goulart or reception by March 31st. 

For more info visit
To register download this  form 

Spirit Week

Monday - PJ Day 
Tuesday - Superhero/Princess Day 
Wednesday - Wacky Weds. Hair and clothes
Thursday - Sports shirt day
Friday - St. Patrick's Day (Green)


1. small
2. last
3. spot
4. slow
5. snow
6. spoon
7. slide
8. star
9. short

10. slip

Reminder students will be presenting their inventions tomorrow

Students will

Tell invention name
What the invention helps with/why they invented it
How it works

Students can give more information if they choose such as
Stores that sell it

Why people would want to buy it

Next we had French with Mlle. Jessica, you can check out her blog at

Novel Study

Chapter 14
Mr. Willy Wonka
  • Mr. Willy Wonka is quite a sight. Beautiful clothes (including a purple tail coat and a top hat – curious!) and bright, twinkling eyes.
  • After jerking around a bit, he finally breaks into a dance and welcomes everyone there, asking the children to introduce themselves to him.
  • One by one, they do just that. And even the chatty Violet can't get a word in edgewise – Willy Wonka is shaking everyone's hands as hard and fast as he can and talking their ears off – even asking questions without giving time for an answer. Quite an exhausting man.
  • All the children and their parents walk into the factory, which is kept warm for the mysterious workers. They find themselves in a long, beautiful corridor, and smell the most amazing smell on earth.
  • Willy Wonka rushes all fourteen of them along, turning left and right and left and right (and so on – Roald Dahl doesn't spare us any directions), and finally downward, toward the underground rooms. There's not enough space above ground for all his rooms.
  • They stop in front of a room that says "The Chocolate Room"

Chapter 15
The Chocolate Room
  • The Chocolate Room is beloved by Willy Wonka: it's the heart of his factory and it's beautiful, he says.
  • And boy, is he right. In the room, there's a beautiful valley with a river running through it. Along the river, there is a marvelous waterfall, with dozens of glass pipes going into the river. And there are bushes and trees and flowers and – wait for it – it's all edible.
  • Yep, you can eat every last drop of The Chocolate Room, from the river (made entirely of chocolate) to the grass (made of sugar). We're getting a sugar high just thinking about it.
  • Not surprisingly, all of the children (and adults!) start eating everything in sight. And it's as delicious as it is beautiful.
  • Suddenly, Veruca starts screaming and pointing toward a little man in the distance. Everyone looks and realizes that they are tiny men with long hair, and they are all laughing at the children.
  • What on earth are these creatures? "They're Oompa-Loompas," explains Mr. Wonka

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