Thursday, April 19, 2018

April 18th and 19th

Pancake Day 

Sundae Day 

Inquiry into Language 
Students took their planner from the 17th and turned it into a letter to Ms. Loren the lunch lady giving their opinion on why she should sell their favourite food.

Students worked on giving 3 reasons as to why they prefer hotdog over hamburger or vice versa.

Students learned the difference between a metre and a cm. They worked with their table groups and a metre stick to find items in the classroom that were shorter/longer/same as 1metre. Students also worked on recognizing when they would use a metre and when they would use a ruler.

Inquiry into Cultures through Art 

Happy Birthday Saraya
We have raised $8000 so far!!!!! We got to put Makeup on Mr. Rosario

Jasper was top student today and got to pick a teacher to pie in the face he pied MR.FOSTER

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