Tuesday, April 3, 2018

April 3rd

Arts' Night Update!

We are excited to let you know that our Arts' Night performances this year will be held at The City Church auditorium located on Argentina road, just a 3 minute drive from the school. With this new venue, we have extra lighting, surround sound, a larger and higher stage, more seating, and much more! This will give you and your family the opportunity to enjoy the Arts' Night performance even more in a theatre environment. 

With the new venue location, please note that the JK - Grade 2 performance date has been changed to May 17th. 

St. Jude's FCthe official soccer academy affiliated with St. Jude's Academy is taking applicants for its inaugural season. Ou coaches are eager to prove that we have the best program in the area. 
By joining the Club you are becoming part of the team. Club members have the opportunity to play games against the other Ontario Academy teams for the spring/summer outdoor season on the weekend. Club members and SJA students alike enjoy the top notch training from our professional coaches, but Club members get additional coaching. 
SJA students receive a 33% discount benefit (because we already know SJA students are awesome!)
Club members get a complete uniform (you provide cleats and shin guards) 
Please turn in completed forms (WITH SMITH written at the top) to Dawn Goulart or reception by March 31st. 

For more info visit
To register download this  form

Easter House Game 
Caring Winners 


  • Raz Kids 20 mins
  • Field Trip Friday - Pack disposable lunch 
  • Math test Tuesday
  • Practice Arts Night Song 
  • Spelling Words
1. funny
2. baby
3. many
4. pony
5. happy
6. stay
7. puppy 
8. sunny
9. messy

Field TripPlease note the field trip is on FRIDAY not Thursday!

Students will need a disposable lunch and full dress uniform. 

Please be at the school by 8:30 as the bus will leave by 8:45

Thank you,

Next we had French with Mlle. Jessica, you can check out her blog at

Students worked on using their prior knowledge of coins and problem solving skills to answer two questions in their workbooks.

Inquiry into Language

Students worked in their spelling books on their words of the week

We continued our novel study of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We read 2 chapters and answered comprehension questions. 

Only Charlie Left

  • After Mike Teavee's incident, Charlie is the only child left, and when Mr. Wonka realizes this – well, he probably knows already, but when he admits to realizing this – he tells Charlie he's won. Won what?
  • Mr. Wonka starts off on another of his chatty rants, talking about all the things that need to get done and the arrangements that need to be made and... what is he talking about?
  • Charlie can tell that something crazy is about to happen, but he's just thrilled, as is Grandpa Joe.
  • Suddenly, they are back on the elevator and Mr. Wonka is pressing the button labeled "UP AND OUT" (28.10). It shoots straight up in the air.
  • Willy Wonka admits that he's never had the chance to press this button until now, because he hadn't wanted to break a big hole in the roof of the factory. Uh oh. You can guess what that means.
  • Sure enough, the elevator crashes through the ceiling – yikes. But then it just stops, floating in mid-air, towering over the entire town. It is powered by sugar power. (We wonder what the ratio is of sugar power to horsepower, but it must be high for that thing to hover.)
  • And from the sky, they can see all the other children returning home.

The Other Children Go Home

  • Looking down, they see all the other children leaving the factory.
  • They aren't going home empty handed, though: waiting for each of them was the promised lifetime supply of sweets, by the truckload. 
  • All the children look a little different: Augustus is thin, Violet is purple, Veruca is covered in garbage, and Mike Teavee is tall and skinnier than ever.
  • As always, Willy Wonka is pretty optimistic about everyone's state, but he quickly presses another button on the elevator – he has something important to discuss with Charlie.

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