Saturday, April 7, 2018

Culture Activity


 Hello Parents, 

Students have been learning about how people show their culture through different art forms. Students have been asked to discuss with you this weekend their cultural background. Some have an idea and some are unsure!

Students on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday IN CLASS will be creating a 2D paper doll that will represent their cultural dress. That being said we are asking if students are able to bring some fabric, decals, etc. to help them create their doll. The doll is the size of a regular piece of paper. So scraps of material work best. 

On THURSDAY. students will be presenting their dolls to the class and are asked to briefly discuss what their culture is, why they wear this outfit etc. really this is their time to brag about their cultural background!  We will also be inviting students from other classes to come and view our dolls. 

Lastly we ask if at all possible that on THURSDAY students come dressed in their cultural dress to match their dolls. 

I have attached some examples from last year for you to get a better idea!

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