Wednesday, June 6, 2018

June 6th

- Raz Kids 20 mins
-African Lion Safari Friday - please wear hat, sunscreen, gym uniform and bring a backpack to carry (lunch, water bottle, sunscreen) be at school for 8:15
-research for summative past due

- Presentations continue tomorrow.

Track and field awards 

Summative presentations 

Novel Study
Safely inside, Jack asks his sister to find the Pennsylvania book that will transport them home, but she can't find it. As they search for the book, a piece of fruit flies through the window. They find the monkey sitting in the window. It looks as though it's trying to speak. Annie watches the monkey and decides that it is telling her to take the piece of fruit to Morgan. It's the second item they need to help free her from the magic spell. Once they realize this, the Pennsylvania book appears, and they are able to return home.

Multiplication and fractions

The SJA Parent Guild is pleased to hold a YEAR-END PLAY DAY on Wednesday, June 13th at St. Jude's for all the students.  

Your kids will enjoy celebrating the end of the year with lots of fun!

We've got a lot of activities in store, including bouncy castles, tug of war, face painting, photo booth, water balloons and much more!

  • Check out the flyer and order form for more information --- please complete and return by ASAP .

  • Read the attached letter on how you can help out to make this even a bigger success!

NOTE: For those students who will be participating in the event, please do not order lunch for June 13th, as a BBQ lunch will be included.

Summer Camp

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